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The Realm of Feror

Feror is a land of constant war; its city-states compete for influence over the numerous towns and hamlets that litter the countryside, while the gods of the realm answer the call of faith less and less. In their stead, a number of would-be conquerors and conspiracies have risen to unite the land under their rule.
Map of the Realm
City-States and Aligned Cities

Major Deities

The Primordials
Nemita of the Suns
Nemmirn of the Long Night
Wras-Kalla of the Mountain
Oshirn-vaal the Conqueror
The Brood Mother of Chaos
The Emperor of Life’s Breath
Kolia of the Great Sea
The Seven

The Bloodlines of Feror

Before the time of the city-states, various tribes ruled the land of Feror. Though constant war brought many low, their descendants still carry on the traditions of the blood. Many pay homage to past glory; few seek to reclaim it.

The Dwarven Aristocracies
The Elven Lineages
The Fallen Houses

The “Free” Bloodlines

Those species that warred with the many tribes in Feror, and did not call any territory home, were known as the ‘free’ bloodlines. When the Gods brought peace to the lands, those that clung to their baser desires were decimated. Many flocked to the protection of the Brood Mother, or pledged loyalty to the Conqueror. The rest hid in the uncivilized lands, taking what they need to survive from each other and those unfortunate to cross their path. More than a few have found their way as traders or sellsword companies.

The Apsu – Kuo-toa, Merfolk and Merrow
The Mursu – Lycanthropes and Other Plagued Creatures
The Rabum – Bugbears, Goblins and Hobgoblins
The Rapasu – Giants, Goliaths and Ogres
The Saraquim – Orcs and Orogs
The Tammabuku – Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, Serpentfolk and Troglodytes

Influential Factions and Sellsword Companies

Though each city-state governs its holdings in their own way, several like-minded individuals have joined together in factions that work toward various ends. Some seek temporal power, others seek greater understanding, and some keep their true purpose secret to all but the highest echelons. Only the most powerful of citizenry joins these factions, lest some rabble drag it down. If one isn’t particularly wealthy or well-connected, then they often join a sellsword company. These bands of mercenaries serve whoever pays them enough, and make a habit of possessing ‘fluid loyalty’ that has turned the tide of many battles in the realm. No job is too low to throw a sellsword company at, and often both factions and city-governments make use of their services.

The Brotherhood of the Lambent Fist
The Kind Ones
The Midnight Compact
The Orichalcum Order
The Technomagnete

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