The Orichalcum Order


Many in Feror see the notion of one ruler as something only fit for fairy tales. Still, there are those among them who agree that to keep everyone safe from the evils from without and within, the city-states must unite into something greater.

The Orichalcum Order is comprised of philosophers, bureaucrats, magic-users and warlords who believe that the people of Feror would benefit from a centralized form of government. Their ideas come from ancient texts that speak of many types of these institutions, all which were brought low by the desires of tyrants. Together, they can prevent this. Unfortunately, they cannot agree which type of government is best.

Thankfully, they have real problems to deal with – the number of would-be tyrants in the realm is on the rise, and they seem to be always two or three-steps behind them. And so they have sent feelers out to representatives of the fallen Houses, Aristocracies and Lineages in an attempt to gain support. Surprisingly, many have been receptive, which is at least a small victory to the Order. Perhaps they see the writing on the wall, and wish to save the land from itself. Or maybe they are hitching their fading stars to something that can take them back to prominence.

Either way, the Order has seen an increase in support due to these tenuous alliances, and they serve as the best hope for the rule of law. That being said, there’s no doubt those within the Order that are only using it to their advantage; these individuals will have to be dealt with. The powerbrokers among the Order are known as Senators and always keep their identities secret from each other; becoming a senator is as simple as providing resources needed to the Order and having the sponsorship of three others.

The Orichalcum Order

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