The Seven


The Seven are much older than the ‘true’ deities of Feror, but have fallen out of favor due to the rise of the city-states and their associated divine patrons. The Seven never claimed to be ‘gods,’ but are considered extraplanar allies of mortals that shepherded them through the difficult times after the Primordials created the realm. Their domains have been long co-opted by the other gods and goddesses, causing worship of the Seven to fall out of favor. It doesn’t help that many prayers have long gone unanswered, perhaps indicating they have met their collective ends at the hands of greater, more terrible creatures from beyond. Their lasting legacy is that the days of the week are named after them, and each utterance is a small show of faith in those who once were the saviors of human, elven and dwarvenkind.

Aras, the Summer’s Keeper – The First Day of the Week, Aresden
Esdur, the Vigilant Huntress – The Second Day of the Week, Esdurn
Idall, the Unsleeping God – The Third Day of the Week, Idallom
Mitos, the Portal Guardian – The Fourth Day of the Week, Mitosen
Jobor, the Endless Watchtower – The Fifth Day of the Week, Joborn
Vether, the Road’s Wanderer – The Sixth Day of the Week, Vetherom
Sohena, the Bitter Harvest – The Seventh Day of the Week, Sohenaen.

Many religions have also co-opted the various ritae and celebrations of the Seven, though which ones have long been forgotten. Sacrifices in their name are seen as wasteful, but more than a few still whisper blessings (and curses) in their names.

Some believe they met their end warring against the Primordials, or were sacrificed as the true deities ascended to their divinity. Others believe they were heroes of another land, who were called back to give their lives in its salvation…or destruction.

The Seven

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